Research methodology and clinical trials

Metodologia della ricerca e sperimentazione clinica

Second level master

Language: italian

More details and enrollment in Italian: SPCL – Metodologia della ricerca e della sperimentazione clinica | Unipd Executive Learning

Director: Prof. Dario Gregori
Deputy Director: Prof. Paolo Navalesi

Objectives: the master is aimed at providing advanced knowledge and skills in the field of research methodology and clinical trials of medicinal products for human use and devices, in order to prepare specialized professionals able to conceive, design and manage all phases of research and clinical trials and to critically analyze the results.

The Master takes place in presence, in modernly equipped classrooms of the University of Padua.
The frontal teaching will be concentrated in two days a week – approximately on Thursday afternoon and all day on Friday – to give the opportunity to attend even to those who work and / or are not resident in Veneto. Saturday, about once a month, will be dedicated to in-depth seminar activities with professors who are experts in clinical research.

At the end of each module, students will have to carry out a test to verify the skills acquired that will contribute to the final evaluation. The training course will end with a final oral exam, where candidates for the diploma will exhibit their products with the support and indications of a tutor during the internship or curricular internship.

The course aims to train experts in the application of the theoretical and practical tools necessary for a correct design, conduct and management of research and clinical trials of medicinal products for human use and devices. It is developed through the acquisition of knowledge and skills on the methodologies of research and clinical trials, on the design of the study protocol in all its phases, on the monitoring of the study, on the evaluation of the effectiveness and tolerability of the treatment and on the analysis of the results obtained with state-of-the-art techniques. These skills can be enhanced both in the private and public sectors, qualifying as professionals specialized in Healthcare Companies, Hospitals, Clinical Research Support Units, Clinical Trial Center and Contract Research Organization (CRO).

Collaborating institutions: Clinical Trial Center; Clinical Research Support Unit; Hospital pharmacy or hospital analysis laboratory; Clinical unit (inpatient unit or outpatient clinic); CRO.

To get more information about the master in Research methodology and clinical trials, visit: Metodologia della ricerca e della sperimentazione clinica