We inform you about the

34th Residential 3-week Summer Course in Epidemiology

from 13th June to 1st July 2022

+ Specialized course week

from 4th July to 8th July 2022

GIS (Geographical Information Systems) in Epidemiology (4 days course)

Geo-spatial methods for global health applications with focus on disease clustering (4 days course)

Modern time series methods for public health and epidemiology (5 days course)

Genetic and Epigenetic epidemiology (5 days course)

The course is intended for epidemiologists, public health practitioners, statisticians and clinicians with an interest in epidemiology.

The course offers in the first two weeks five general modules on epidemiological study design and statistical analysis of epidemiological data. In the third week several special modules cover topics of current relevance for health and advanced methodological issues.

You can find more information here: European Educational Programme in Epidemiology – Residential Summer Course in Epidemiology (