Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine learning and big data nella medicina di precisione e ricerca clinica

Second Level Master

Language: Italian

More details in Italian and enrollment ML – Machine learning e big data nella medicina di precisione e nella ricerca biomedica | Unipd Executive Learning

Director: Prof. Barbara Di Camillo
Deputy Director: Prof. Dario Gregori

Fully online Master course for the updating and training of graduates in biostatistics, mathematics, physics and engineering, who deal, in professional activities or research, with biomedical data.

Objectives: The training project is aimed at learning how to use advanced data analysis methodologies from Machine Learning to Data Mining to Predictive Analytics in clinical settings. These techniques are the methodological tool at the base of person-centered clinical research and personalized medicine. These issues are important not only for the public sector, where there is a need to optimize treatment pathways, but also for the pharmaceutical industry and CROs (Contract Research Organizations) that need to develop, on these issues, internal skills or acquire staff already trained on them. The Master wants to fill this gap by facilitating a statistical preparation closer to the needs of companies and new emerging methods. A case study is presented for each Machine Learning technique. The course uses R.

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