Biostatistics for scientific research and publication – Biostatistica per la ricerca e la pubblicazione scientifica

First level master

Language: Italian

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Director: Prof. Dario Gregori
Deputy Director: Danila Azzolina

Objectives: The Master proposes a distance learning offer that, through the use of multimedia tools, interactive communication systems and the use of the R software environment, will train healthcare professionals in data analysis and in the production of scientific reports and publications. The Master trains professional figures, in particular in the health area, in statistical analysis and in the dissemination of results. It improves the appropriateness of scientific language in scientific reports and publications and the ability to communicate with experienced biostatisticians. The trained figures will be able to find a professional position such as: participants of the Clinical Research Unit established by the Health Authorities, research assistants, participants in interdisciplinary clinical and health research groups of public or private bodies with the role of author / co-author of scientific reports / publications, interlocutors with pharmaceutical companies and CROs, and as a reviewer for professional scientific journals.

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