Vascular Accesses, Implants and Management

Accessi vascolari, impianto e gestione

Vascular Accesses, Implants and Management

First Level Master

Language: Italian

Director: Prof. Riccardo Carandina
Deputy Director: Prof. Annibale Biggeri

Blended Master course for learn, consolidate and structure ultrasound-guided navigation techniques for vascular catheter  implantation. Acquire competence with respect to vascular catheter implantation techniques, i.e, identifying the device through comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluation in different care setting.

Objectives: The Master’s program is aimed particularly at professionals who want to carry out roles in Vascular Access Implantation and Management and who intend to increase and certify their training by becoming specialists activity. The target occupational fields are hospital health care and territorial services especially the intrahospital and out-of-hospital.

Attendance at the master’s course will take place in a hybrid mode: all theoretical frontal teaching will take place online on demand in synchronous mode with guided study paths and homework for self-assessment of learning likely at the end of each teaching module. Practical organized into integrated courses and in-deph interdisciplinary and compulsorily includes a part of self-directed individual study.

The main topics of the course are: Vascular Anatomy and pathophysiology, Vascular diagnostics, Echoguided vascular puncture, Implantion techniques vascular access management, Complications of vascular accesses, Prevention early recognition and management of complications, Venous accesses, Risk management, Vascular Access, EBM.


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More details and enrolled: AVIG – Accessi vascolari, impianto e gestione | Unipd Executive Learning