Resident School

Postgraduate School in Health Statistics and Biometrics for doctors and non-doctors

The School aims to train specialists who must have gained theoretical, scientific and professional knowledge in the field of epidemiological and statistical methodology applied to health problems. Specific areas of competence are the evaluation of the effectiveness of therapies through the conduct of controlled studies in the clinical field and analytical studies for the evaluation of the practical effectiveness of health interventions or health protection strategies of collectives, including the evaluation of the quality of life in the context of chronic diseases, the production of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, the execution of studies on the weight of different alternatives in the analysis of clinical decisions, the conduct of working groups for the drafting or validation of guidelines, educational activities related to Evidence Based Medicine, surveillance and quality control of performance,  screening programmes, the analysis of user satisfaction, the assessment of appropriateness of the services provided, the evaluation of diagnostic tests and prognostic factors, the activities of pharmaco-epidemiology surveillance and the production of impact assessments and forecasts in health planning, with executions of cost-effectiveness, risk-benefit and cost-utility studies.

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