Teaching Activities


•   Resident School in Health Statistics and Biometrics for doctors and non-doctors – Director Prof. Dario Gregori, e-mail: specializzazione.statisticasanitaria@ubep.unipd.it

•   Curriculum in “Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology” nel PhD Course in Traslational Specialistic Medicine “G. B. Morgagni” – Coordinator Prof. Dario Gregori, e-mail: phd.morgagni.dctv@unipd.it


Biostatistics for Clinical Research and Scientific Publication – First grade – Director Prof. Dario Gregori, e-mail: biostatisticarcps.dctv@unipd.it

Advanced Biostatistics for Clinical Research – Second grade – Director Prof.ssa Paola Berchialla,  e-mail:  biostatisticaarc.dctv@unipd.it

Pharmacoepidemiology and integrated care evaluation – Second grade – direttore Prof.ssa Cristina Canova, e-mail: masterHRP.dctv@unipd.it

Machine Learning and Big Data in Precision Medicine and Biomedical Research – Second grade – Director Prof.ssa Barbara di Camillo, e-mail: machinelearning@ubep.unipd.it

Geostatistics for the health of humans, animals and the environment – Second grade – Director Prof. Francesco Pirotti, e-mail: segreteria@ubep.unipd.it

Data Omics Analysis – Second grade – Director Prof. Davide Risso, e-mail: segreteria@ubep.unipd.it

Methodology of clinical trial research – Second grade – Director Prof. Dario Gregori, e-mail: segreteria@ubep.unipd.it

Research Nurse – First grade – Director Prof. Annibale Biggeri, e-mail: segreteria@ubep.unipd.it

Principles and practice of systematic reviews and meta-analysis in the biomedical field – Second grade – Director Prof.ssa Ileana Baldi, e-mail: segreteria@ubep.unipd.it

Vascular Accesses, Implants and Management – Director Dr. Riccardo Carandina, e-mail: segreteria@ubep.unipd.it