Advanced Biostatistics for Clinical Research

Biostatistica avanzata per la pubblicazione scientifica

Advanced Biostatistics for Clinical Research

Second Level Master

Language: Italian

Director: Prof.ssa Paola Berchialla – University of Torino
Deputy Director: Dr. Giulia Zigon – GSK 

Language: italian

Objectives: The Master wants to provide in-depth tools in statistical methodology in Clinical Research, from clinical trials to observational studies both for those who already work professionally in the field and for those who want to approach it. Every year the Master program proposes 5 themes, chosen by the Course Direction on the basis of the indications coming from the IBIG (Italian Blostatistics Group) members. The didactic orientation of the Master is to privilege a practical knowledge of the problems, deepening the theoretical knowledge when necessary for a more detailed understanding of the methodology. Each method is presented in corri- spondence of case-studies that are illustrated together with the software used for the analysis. The course uses the software R.

More information, deadline and submission on: Avvisi di selezione | Università di Padova (

More details and enrolled: BARC – Biostatistica avanzata per la ricerca clinica | Unipd Executive Learning