Clinical Epidemiology and Digital Health – LACED

The Laboratory of Clinical Epidemiology and Digital Health is the contact point for clinical epidemiology in UBEP. The laboratory’s activities are aimed at scientific development and support to the design and conduction of observational and experimental clinical studies, the analysis of clinical data with state-of-the-art techniques, the planning and implementation of systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

For what concerns study design, the laboratory has specific expertise in advanced clinical trial design, e.g., using adaptive approaches. Concerning data management, the Lab provides the opportunity of managing the data collection using non-traditional tools, such as wearable commercial devices. Regarding systematic reviews and meta-analysis, the lab is involved in several activities ranging from the drafting of the protocol of the systematic review and its registration, the definition of the research strategy and its implementation, up to the data extraction for the purpose or not of meta-analysis.

Coordinator: Dr. Giulia Lorenzoni – University of Padova

Via L. Loredan 18 – 35131 Padova – e-mail: