Artificial Intelligence for Medical Sciences – LAIMS

The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Sciences is the reference in UBEP for internal and external study, development, and consulting for applications of advanced data analysis techniques such as data-driven self-learning procedures (machine learning) in clinical settings. Working with both traditional and deep models (DeepLearning), the interest, analysis, and management of the processes focuses on both structured (tabular) and unstructured (e.g., text, images/video, signals) data.

In addition to advanced models of analysis, LAIMS deals with developing applications and Web services (ShinyApp) to interface the models themselves, both for internal and external use, both with public and restricted access. LAIMS reserves special care and attention to respecting best practices in terms of versioning and traceability of the source code developed and the isolation of the development and running environments in which the models operate. The main goal in that direction is to ensure reproducibility to the state-of-the-art in accordance and favor of the GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and the indications and recommendations of regulatory bodies on the application of artificial intelligence systems and machine learning models for clinical studies and environments.

Coordinator: Dr. Corrado Lanera – University of Padova

Via L. Loredan 18 – 35131 Padova – e-mail:


Silvano Salaris – PhD student – email:

Carlotta Borghini – PhD student – email:

Alessandra Casamento – Resident – email: