IT infrastructure

UBEP’s computational and service environments are integrated and governed under a unified domain. Our infrastructure encompasses local machines and server resources, ensuring robust support for development, project management, and data analysis needs. Workstations are equipped with Windows 11 Professional and Office 365, facilitating access to critical development tools like SAS, Stata, and R, alongside project management applications like OneDrive and Teams. Our server landscape has evolved to include advanced virtualized platforms and dedicated servers across multiple locations, enhancing our computation, data storage, and modeling capabilities. This includes on-premise servers with substantial computational resources and specialized setups for memory optimization (80 Core x 4 TB RAM) and deep learning (a dedicated DGX-H100 in a cluster of five) tasks, complemented by cloud-based solutions like REDCap, CAPRI, CloudVeneto, and a Microsoft Azure subscription for secure data management and external service deployment. Our infrastructure’s versatility and capacity are geared towards supporting sophisticated statistical analyses, ensuring data security, and fostering collaborative research endeavors on a global scale.